3 SEO Myths You Cannot Afford to Believe In

Search engines are widely misunderstood, and this is true for a number of reasons. The main reason why they aren't well understood is that the rules that they use change so often. One of the biggest challenges faced by search engines is fighting spam, which is why their formulas change so often. Because of this, there are many myths on issues such as getting a site indexed and page rank. To be able to use SEO effectively, you have to know what information you can trust. We will now expose some of these commonly repeated myths.

If you want to rank high, you should optimize the long tail keywords. You can find this myth in many internet marketing circles. Actually, it's not necessary to optimize long tail keywords because these are low competition words and phrases that don't get many searches. That's why it's simple to rank for long tail keywords. You can simply add these keywords in your content somewhere and you'll rank for them, which isn't optimization. There's nothing more to it than that. You can get some easy traffic from these keywords, as they require no special optimization effort. Another SEO myth is that you should optimize only one keyword with one page. This idea that every page should only be optimized for one key phrase is something that many internet marketers believe, but it is simply not true. The basic premise behind this belief is that your page will rank better if it's very focused. The main problem with this whole technique is that when you try to write a page that targets a single phrase, it will not sound natural. In addition, having a page devoted to only one keyword when you could have used several is simply a poor use of space on website your site. If you want to optimize your page, why focus on only one keyword when it's just as easy to insert three or four? The truth is, you are better off using as many keyword phrases as you can on an optimized page. Do it this way if you want to get more traffic to your site. If you do some research on where your traffic is coming from, you'll find that it comes from a variety of keywords. So it's better for your search engine rank to optimize for multiple phrases.

Another myth that keeps doing the rounds every now and then is new companies or businesses coming up and saying that they don't need SEO because their market doesn't use search engines. This is not a profitable way to think as the internet continues to grow by leaps and bounds every month. Try doing a search for any keywords in your niche and you'll get an idea of how well the search engines cover a market. With the huge number of people who search on Google every day, do you really want to leave all this potential traffic for others to grab?

You have to realize that it takes some time and study to make search engine optimization pay off for you. If you find yourself not knowing what action to take, refer to a site or forum you trust and seek an answer that makes sense. Don't worry if you make mistakes, the point is to learn and improve your skills so you can get the search engines to cooperate with you.

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